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What Is Energy Medicine? 

Energy Medicine refers to a variety of energy healing

techniques that work with the physical body, the mental body,

the emotional body, the chakras (energy centers) as well

as the subtle energy bodies.


these techniques release, unwind

and restore integrative function throughout the body.  

Energy Clearing Sessions: 

I have developed my own unique style of

integrated energy medicine which focus on  

Clearing & Alignment 

My approach is an infusion of intensive physical training (structural integration/Rolfing, cranio-sacral therapy),

energy medicine, energetic allergy healing

and deep listening/intuition.



~ In other words, it's alchemy ~


This advanced level of work is 

designed to clear the patterns of resistance

which have materialized in your physical and emotional bodies,

as well as in your spirit body, while also

repairing any fragmented

parts of your energetic field,

restoring the natural dynamic

flow of energy

as these lower vibrational states are restored,

you will experience an inherent realignment with

your most optimal state of

health and well being.  

Energy Clearing sessions are individually customized
to focus on resolving the patterns of inflammation and
resistance held deep within your body. 
patterns of resistance are very often found to be
the underlying causes of allergies, blocked energy flow, low vibrational states and health issues.
my sessions are uniquely designed to help you resolve:
fatigue/brain fog
low/stagnant energy
weakened immune system
chronic headaches/migraines
autoimmune conditions
pathogen patterns:
mold toxicity
viral overload/EBV 
bacterial overload/Lyme's
yeast/candida imbalance
physical pain
seasonal/year round allergies
food/environmental allergies
allergy exhaustion
spirit/soul imbalances
environmental stress/trauma
emotional overload
sleep issues
Energy Clearing sessions
assist you in dissolving the layers of pain, chronic
inflammation and resistance until the root cause/causes
are discovered.  
the root causes are then resolved by clearing the outdated/unhealthy beliefs and belief patterns
which become stuck and/or stored in the physical body,
the energetic body and the spirit body.
the result is the restoration and alignment of your original energetic signature/blueprint,
which in turn facilitates an enhanced sense of
clarity and crystalline vitality,
allowing you to experience a stronger,
more vibrant life force energy and sense of well being. 
In other words, you will feel better!!
You will feel better because once you are no longer
carrying the weight and the burden of these patterns, you will begin to feel lighter and more energized.
How are the sessions structured?
After you've emailed a request for a session and 
completed the intake form, we will set up
an appointment day & time to further discuss your goals
for the session. 
Once our initial conversation is complete and your
intentions have been established, I will then proceed separately with the clearing and alignment for you and I will send you an audio recording of my findings specific to your session.
(You will receive an audio recording
after each appointment.)
To book an appointment, please use the request form
on the contact page or email me directly -
Initial Session:
Follow Up Sessions:
I accept payment through paypal, venmo or zelle.
All of my sessions are done remotely via video (zoom/FaceTime), email or telephone.  
Rolfing Sessions:

*Rolfing sessions are currently unavailable until

summer/fall of 2022*

also known as structural integration, Rolfing is a form of deep tissue work that allows for the release and reorganization of the connective tissue and fascia.  

the goal of Rolfing does not involve pain -  true and lasting changes are only achieved through deep listening, skillful observation and the intelligent movements of the practitioner.

each session focuses on the reorganization of the body's structure so that you are working with gravity and not against it ... 

giving you the freedom to move effortlessly and without pain.