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Paula Candler
Science ~ Art ~ Intuition


All sessions are based on the accumulation of my trainings and

over fifteen years of one on one individual healing sessions with clients,

using a combination of one or more of the following:

- energy medicine

- cranio-sacral therapy

- structural integration/Rolfing

- energetic allergy healing (advanced)

- deep listening/intuition

- human/animal guidance

- alchemy



>> Why Posture Matters <<

Whether we are sitting, standing or moving, how we hold our bodies affects

how we feel each day.  Our bodies tell the story about how the flow of energy

moves through our bodies.  Over time, energy that is not moving freely creates

discomfort, which can then lead to chronic pain.


'Like Attracts Like'






Words are powerful incantations


How we think and the words we use cast an energetic frequency pattern 

into the world.  These frequencies sync up with (and then attract) other 

similar vibrational waves and energy patterns.  These patterns can be changed.

My sessions are a combination of energy medicine and structural alignment,

designed to shift & resolve lower vibrational patterns of trauma, resistance and

limiting beliefs ... helping you to feel lighter and more resilient.

Curiosity Inspires Wisdom
To schedule an appointment, use the request form
on the 'contact' page or email me directly -
Initial Session:
Follow Up Sessions:
Payment is accepted through Venmo (@paulacandler)
or Pay Pal (
All sessions are done remotely via
email or telephone.  
Rolfing Sessions:

Also known as structural integration,

Rolfing is a form of deep tissue work which facilitates

  the release and reorganization of the

connective tissue and fascia.  

The goal of Rolfing does not involve pain. 

True and lasting changes are achieved through deep listening, skillful observation/dialogue and the intelligent movements and input

of the practitioner.

Each session focuses on the overall organization and alignment 

of the body's structure, allowing you to experience the efficiency and magic of  

working with gravity rather than against it.


The result is the freedom to move

effortlessly and without pain.


*Rolfing sessions in person are currently unavailable until 2023*




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