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Paula Candler
Science ~ Art ~ Intuition



Curiosity Inspires Wisdom


Sessions include a combination of the following:


 1- Structural Integration - what's going on with your physical body

2 - Energy Medicine - what's going on with your energy body 

3 - Practical Magic - bringing in the unseen wisdom

specific to your particular goal  


During each session, I pull in information from your higher self

and translate this wisdom into  

 knowledge that activates and supports

your physical and energetic health.


By listening deeply, I tap into your innate wisdom, guiding you and supporting you in removing stagnant belief systems and out-dated patterns (conscious or subconscious), with the goal of improving your current life experience.


>> Structural integration<<

Why Posture Matters

Whether we are sitting, standing or moving, how we hold our bodies affects

how we feel each day.  Our bodies tell the story about how the flow of energy

moves through our bodies.  Over time, energy that is not moving freely creates

discomfort, which can then lead to chronic pain.

These patterns can be shifted into more efficient ways of being and moving,

creating a healthier body and mind.


>> Energy Medicine <<


Words are powerful incantations and

energy is simply information that moves

How we think and the words we use create an energetic frequency pattern 

within our physical bodies, which are then cast out into the world.  

These frequencies sync up with and then attract other similar vibrational

waves and energy patterns, just like a magnet.  


Simply put, whatever has the stronger vibration within us will attract more of the same.

Like attracts like, healthy or not.


These patterns that are no longer serving your health and well being can be changed

and shifted into new patterns, helping you feel lighter and more resilient.

To schedule an appointment, use the request form
on the 'contact' page or email me directly -
*** Due to increase in demand, all sessions are currently done via
email and/or telephone ***
All sessions include written notes and recommended practices.
Healing Sessions are 75 minutes
Individual Session - $115
Package of Three - $330
Payment is accepted through Venmo (@paulacandler)
Rolfing Sessions:

*Due to increase in demand, Rolfing sessions in person are not available

until Summer/Fall 2024*

Also known as structural integration,

Rolfing is a form of deep tissue work which facilitates

  the release and reorganization of the

connective tissue and fascia.  

The goal of Rolfing does not involve pain. 

True and lasting changes are achieved through deep listening, skillful observation/dialogue and the intelligent movements and input

of the practitioner.

Each session focuses on the overall organization and alignment 

of the body's structure, allowing you to experience the efficiency and magic of  

working with gravity rather than against it.


The result is the freedom to move

effortlessly and without pain.





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