Paula Candler

Restorative Energy Medicine
& Practical Magic







simplicity is the ultimate luxury



The mystery of each client’s singular path to wellness fuels my lifelong curiosity and passion for the transformative arts.

my work is very unique ... it has been created through a diverse blend of trainings and amazing spirit guided life experiences.

in addition to my professional trainings, I have been a practitioner of the magical arts for over twenty years.  


Creating sacred space - calling in and working with spirit and the four directions, to include the natural elements and rhythms of nature - is what I refer to as practical magic.


practical magic is an essential part of my personal life and is the foundation of all my healing sessions. 

my goal is to nurture those I work with directly and compassionately, while providing each client with their own unique and transformative experience.


structural integration/rolfing provides

a rigorous training in anatomy and

physiology, while the energetic allergy

healing training, along with each of

the other healing modalities, each 

Allow me to access the deeper, more

subtle realms and energy fields,

which in turn leads to profoundly

dynamic levels of healing.



We are here to witness the beauty of the

world around us.

let me help you remember what you

already know.


Let yourself be overwhelmed.


Be in awe.




Rolf institute of structural integration

Boulder, CO

energetic allergy healing advanced practitioner

w/kimberlie carlson

applied astrology Levels 1, 2 & 3 w/debra silverman

source point therapy & energy work w/ bob Schrei

Santa Fe, nm

visionary craniosacral therapy w/hugh milne

the Milne institute

santa Monica, ca


energy anatomy/medical intuition

Caroline myss

visceral manipulation w/benjamin shield

berkeley, ca

bridging the energetic & physical w/ray mccall and Dufy allen

boulder, co

neural manipulation w/jon martine and rey allen

durham, nc

Canine/equine structural integration

boulder, co

additional workshops:

energy medicine - donna eden

advanced energy medicine - cyndi dale

energy codes - sue mortar

toltec dreaming - sergio magana