The mystery of each client’s singular path to wellness fuels my lifelong curiosity and passion for the transformative arts.

WHile Rolfing provides a rigorous training in anatomy and structural work, ongoing training Allows me to include more subtle forms of work for Clients in a transformative process.

When not working, you can find me communing with our local hills.

Rolf institute of structural integration

Boulder, CO

Canine/equine structural integration

boulder, co

source point therapy & energy work w/ bob Schrei

Santa Fe, nm

visceral manipulation w/benjamin shield

berkeley, ca

bridging the energetic & physical w/ray mccall and Dufy allen

boulder, co

visionary craniosacral therapy w/hugh milne

the Milne institute

santa Monica, ca

neural manipulation w/jon martine and rey allen

durham, nc

energy anatomy/medical intuition

Caroline myss